Comprehensive Office 365 Backup

Why protect Office 365 data

Many organizations are adopting Microsoft’s highly successful Office 365 productivity and collaboration suite of tools in the cloud. But not all of them realize the inherent data risks that must be addressed to ensure ongoing end-user productivity and to safeguard intellectual property. Further, data protection responsibility for Office 365 falls squarely on the customer’s shoulders, as stated by Microsoft in their Services Agreement, “We recommend that you regularly backup your content and data that you store on the services or store using third-party apps and services”. Because of Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, the most prudent course of action for organizations is to protect their Office 365 data by using a dedicated third-party solution.

Read the white paper to learn the five key Office 365 data risk considerations when planning your data protection strategy.

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What is Cloud-based Backup and Recovery?
What is Cloud-based Backup and Recovery?